Quick overview of rules for knowledgeable taroky players
for playing on server www.taroky.net

I. This is Calling XIX type of taroky game. The partner is player with tarock XIX, eventually XVIII, XVII or XVI.
II. Zid is not used.
III. Each game is played, even without a contra.
IIII. A card from talon cannot be refused.
V. If a player gets the called card from talon, he must play alone.
VI. Three duties, solo and Warsaw are played.
VII. Small, automatic, announcements are Barvicky, Tarocky, Trul and Honery.
VIII. Big, automatic, announcements are Barvy, Taroky, Trul-Honery and Kralovské Honery.
IX. Talon is not shown in first cards in 3rd duty and in solo.
X. In Valat, the value of discarded cards is deducted. If a Solo is played, the value of talon is deducted.
XI. It is allowed to contra, re-contra and sup-contra (tutti).
XII. The game ceiling is 20 Kc.
XIII. The value of points is 5 h in 1st and 2nd duty and in first cards in 3rd duty
10 h in second cards in 3rd duty
20 h in third cards in 3rd duty
40 h in solo
XIV. The value of small announcements is 20 h, big announcements 40 h
XV. The value of a Pagat is the same for all games and is 1.00 Kc silent, 2.00 Kc declared.
XVI. The value of a Valat is the same for all games and is 2.00 Kc silent, 4.00 Kc declared.
XVII. The payments are rounded up to the nearest ten.
XVIII. Forhont may bid 2nd duty.
XIX. In Warsaw Mond may be played any time and may be added to a trick in which there is already Skyz.
XX. In Warsaw Pagat may be lead if it is the last tarock in hand.
XXI. In Warsaw one must overtake.
Skyz If the connection is lost, all games are played automatically to the end, correctly, however without any tarock intelligence whatsoever.